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We removed an old formica top from vanity & above toilet in Hershey bathroom. Installed a new granite top on vanity with new faucet!


Let Mike Leonard's Plumbing help freshen up your bathroom!


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Hershey, PA:  Mike Leonard’s Plumbing saves an 80 year old sink!

What do you do when your almost 80 year old Kohler pedestal sink is out of commission because its 80 year old faucet quit working?  And replacement faucets don’t fit?

You call Mike Leonard’s Plumbing, of course!  The professionals at Mike Leonard’s Plumbing were able to find an authentic looking modern Cheviot faucet and with minor modification made the new faucet fit on the antique sink.

Mission accomplished! 

Impossible mission?  Let us take a look at it so we can Make Your Day Better!

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An elderly Hummelstown couple contacted Mike Leonard’s Plumbing with a situation that they hoped we could fix.  They could no longer step into the tub / shower because the sides were so high.  They had considered selling their home but they loved Hummelstown and their home except for that tub.  They wondered what could be done with their old space.

Mike Leonard’s Plumbing knew they could replace the unit with a beautiful fiberglass unit by Sterling but a small window encroached into the area.  Instead they opted for a custom tile shower stall with a low threshold to keep the water in the shower and easy to step into.  New Delta faucets and grab bars completed the job and the clients were very pleased.

“I could just sit in it for hours and not come out.  We are truly disappointed that we didn't have Mike Leonard’s Plumbing do this for us long ago.”

Do you have a unique situation that has troubled you for years?  Call Mike Leonard’s Plumbing for a consultation.

 Hummelstown Bathroom Renovation by Mike Leonards Plumbing Hummelstown Bathroom Renovation by Mike Leonards Plumbing 
 Hummelstown Bathroom Renovation by Mike Leonards Plumbing  Hummelstown Bathroom Renovation by Mike Leonards Plumbing

Custom Bathrooms by Mike Leonard's Plumbing, Inc.

   Mike Leonard’s Plumbing can help you with your bathroom changes.  Whether it is to upgrade a faucet or toilet, add a grab bar or take everything out and start fresh we can help you. 

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Needs changing?  Mike Leonard's Plumbing can help!! 

We can install grab bars around your toilet and sinks as well as up the steps to your hot tub!

Mike Leonard's Plumbing installs  grab bars